Upcoming Summer Slide Book Distribution:

  • July 11, 2024: Golden Gate Community Center
  • July 25, 2024: Everglades Community Center

Our purpose is clear . . . Books for Collier Kids. Books to read, cherish and share with their loved ones.


About Books For
Collier Kids

Books for Collier Kids is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to ensuring every child in Collier County has books at home to read, keep and cherish; books that help them succeed in school and in life!

The Need is Great . . . 

Since literacy is one of the best predictors of a child’s future success, access to books in the home not only allows children to bond with loved ones, but helps address critical issues related to literacy.

Thanks to Our Many Partners

We are grateful to our community partners who help us meet our mission of ensuring all children have access to books.

We are making an impact in our community. JOIN US.

“The little trees need water every day to help them grow. Their branches reach up high because of thirsty roots below. If we all show the beauty and importance of the trees, then we can make a difference – REALLY! It will be a breeze.” ~ Anna Smithers in “Tree Full of Wonder”

Like the small saplings mentioned in the quote above, children require daily nourishment of body, mind and spirit, so 140,000+ new books annually for Collier kids ensure pre-k, kindergarten, first and second grade students have the essentials to flourish.

Did you know?

Without books at home, children:

    • Are at-risk for academic failure, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, unemployment, and more
    • Return to fall classes with reading scores 30% lower than peers

Did you know?

In Collier County Public Schools:

  • 3 out of 5 children have limited access to books at home
  • 42% of students are “economically disadvantaged”
  • 100% of children in pre-K, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes in Title I benefit from our program.

Did you know?

OUR IMPACT makes a huge difference in the community: 

  • 1.9+ million books distributed since 2005
  • 10,700+ kids/month reading, playing and growing
  • 98% in survey ratings received for high value and effectiveness

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Books for Collier Kids is an all-volunteer run organization. We could always use more hands.